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Sticks and stones...or maybe just sticks.

branch pile

My friend Russ lives outside of town. Every time it storms or a good wind comes up, Russ is picking up branches, sticks, often times, huge limbs that have broken off.

Oh sure, Russ can pick up sticks with the best of them...but the large limbs that require a chainsaw can often times be problematic.

Russ has multiple trees which means multiple issues:

  • Large roots which can cause issues with underground pipes or ground exposure, making it difficult to mow,

  • Tall trees mean big heavy limbs and hard to reach areas, and

  • Trees near the house means some of those will inevitably break off and cause damage to the roof or guttering.

As the sticks and limbs fall, Russ spends hours cleaning up the mess and stock piling them on top of each other with hopes to eventually burn them (see picture above).

Here's the problem...that is a lot of sticks...and either it's too wet or too dry to attempt to burn them, and if you do, take a look at this pic, do you see the potential to create more havoc? If this all looks and sounds familiar, maybe it's time to start thinking ahead.

Let us do the heaving lifting! Contact us before it gets out of hand and let us hit those hard to reach places. We'll assess your trees, look for damage to tree limbs and reduce the chance of damage to both your trees and your property. Remember, anyone can cut a tree branch, but only a certified Arborist can play doctor to your trees.

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