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Happy First Day of Spring

Well Spring has arrived to the 4 States and there is no lack of sunshine! Previously we mentioned some things to be aware of and preparations to take against biotic disorders. To avoid repeating are other ways to do a little "Spring Cleaning."

  • Inspect your trees for insects or disease.

  • A lack of rain can cause trees to develop late. You may want to look at watering your trees (or shrubs) to help.

  • Did you see a lot of broken limbs or damage to your trees? You may want to prune those back a bit to avoid issues later, especially during those storms that pop up periodically.

  • Weed and mulch (appropriately) to help retain moisture essential to roots.

Remember, as a certified Arborist, often times it may necessary to have a consultation to ensure if other treatments may be necessary, and our consults are free!

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