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Early Spring weather means tree and garden Spring cleaning.

Well, Spring has arrived a little early, and we're seeing the Dogwood and Bradford pair trees budding.

Spring is very important as trees and plants come to life for another growing season.

It's time to take the proper steps to fertilize, aerate, properly prune trees, and take the right precautions for biotic disorders that could arise.

Fertilization can help supplement those nutrients that can be deficient in the soil, allowing trees to improve in growth and make them less susceptible to disease and insects and give them a longer life expectancy.

Proper Aeration can be as important to a tree or as watering and pruning. It improves the health of the roots and gives it the oxygen it needs.

Pruning trees or shrubs regularly can help keep costs minimal especially when proper planning is involved. Often times overgrowth can be detrimental to a tree or shrub if it gets too big to manage, and you can run the risk of compromising it's health. Additionally, in this area, you run the risk of breaking and snapping due to weight during that first Spring storm. Remember, often times poor pruning can create havoc for a tree, so hiring a professional may be in your best interest.

It may be in your best interest to talk with a certified Arborist to talk about preventative measures when thinking about treating a pest infested or diseased tree. Their knowledge may save you money in the end.

At 4 State Tree Pros it's our business to know how to take measures that best fit your needs. Contact us today and let us help you with the solution that best fits your needs.

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